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Granular Protection and Active Directory integration

Pro+ Filter implements granular filter policies based upon Active Directory groups and users.

The solution consists of two components:
» Windows connector
» DNS Proxy

1. Windows connector setup

It has to be installed into the Microsoft Active Directory Server, with the Administrator account, and it serves to synchronize users and groups with our Datacenters. Read this guide: Windows Connector Setup.

2. DNS Proxy Setup

At this point you need to download and configure the DNS Proxy. See the guide: DNS Proxy Setup and Configuration.

3. Network DNS configuration

DNS Proxy IP address must be the unique DNS Server for your PCs and WiFi guest devices. It will forward internal requests to the Microsoft Windows Domain Controller. You can configure DNS settings through a DHCP Server or setup DNS to the clients manually.
See the image to better understand how it works:

4. Prevent users from overriding DNS filter

Prevent users from overriding DNS filter
To improve network security and prevent users from changing DNS settings, follow this guide: Deny Users DNS Changes.