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ClientShield for MacOS

1. ClientShield Installation

Install “Tunnelblick” on your MacOs.
Double click on “InternetProtection.ovpn” file that you’ve previously downloaded (by standard it should be in “Downloads” directory).


Choose “All users” if you want to install VPN for all device users or “Only me” to create VPN only on the current user.
NOTE: If prompted, enter user credentials and click “OK” to proceed.

If everything has been done correctly, it should open “Tunnelblick” and automatically import the OpenVPN certificate, under “Configuration” left menu.

2. ClientShield Configuration

Select the profile name and open “Settings” menu.
Modify settings in this way:
» Connect: Choose “When Tunnelblick launches”.
» Set DNS/WINS: Select “Set nameserver” from drop-down menu.

Let default values for the other options.


Click “Connect”, bottom-right of panel, and enter VPN “Username” and “Password”.
IMPORTANT: Check both “Save in Keychain” entries to store credentials.


Click “OK” to connect the VPN.
If everything works properly you should see “Connected” at the top of the window.

Click “Advanced”, on the bottom of the page, and open “Connecting & Disconnecting” menu.
Check “Keep connected” entry and be sure all “Computer sleep/wake” and “Fast User Switching” options are checked.