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ClientShield for iOS

1. ClientShield iOS Configuration

Click on certificate (InternetProtection.ovpn) and then “Share file via…”.
Now click on “OpenVPN” icon and import the profile by clicking “ADD”.


Enter a name to identify the VPN profile, for example CloudProtection, (or let the default one).
Then check “Save password” and enter the “Username” you’ve previously copied and the chosen “Password”.
Check also “Connect after import”.
Click “ADD” (top-right) to save changes and connect the VPN.


NOTE: If prompted, click “Allow” to accept OpenVPN agreements.

Use the back button of your mobile to back to “PROFILES” menu.
Test VPN connection by clicking on VPN name.
If everything works properly you should see “CONNECTED” above the profile name.


IMPORTANT: Apple policies do not allow to automatically reconnect the VPN after device reboot so you need to restart it manually.