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ClientShield for Android

1. Enable VPN Protection

1. Download the app from Play Store and open it.

2. You will be required to input the Security Key (the “Security Key” is a Key associated with the user navigation profile. It is needed in order to register the App on the cloud, and so that the App can be associated to the chosen navigation profile).
Where can you find the Security Key? You can find it here.

3. In order to proceed with profile registration, copy and paste the Security Key and type into the “Description” field the client name that will appear in the protection management panel.

4. Click on “Enable protection” to configure the protected VPN on the device.
(Note: Consent to the authorization of the VPN configuration).

5. Wait for the protection to become active.

6. Congratulations! Your device is now protected!

2. How to change the navigation profile after registration

1. Access the panel for protection management here.

2. Open the “Clients” tab and click on the pencil.

3. Change the client profile and click on “Save”.

3. How to disable Android protection

In order to disable the mobile protection, use the “Disable PIN” that you can find here.


You are advised to use App Locker in order to prevent the removal of the app.
The app is programmed to remain always connected to the VPN once it is activated. When the app is restarted / turned off / updated, it will automatically connect to the VPN network.

4. Internet Protection Android APP

When the application is started, a unique ID is assigned to the user’s device, which is necessary together with the profile key to register to the cloud panel.
For a quick and practical search from the panel, the description field allows us to enter an identification name.


After successfully registering your device, you will need to provide authorization to start the VPN trough the ACTIVATE SECURITY button.


Once the authorization is given, you will go to the status page where the connection to the VPN service will begin.You will be notified about the connection and the status page will be updated.

Loading VPN

The status page tells you that the device is now protected! From here we can obtain information about the user and the IP by clicking on the information button.

To proceed with closing the VPN protection,you must click on “Disable protection” and will be redirected to the disabling page.

Dispositivo protetto

Here, you have to enter the numeric PIN that disables the protection and you will be redirected to the final status page, which will also notify us through a notification that the device is no longer protected.

Disattiva la protezione

With a simple click on “ACTIVATE SECURITY” a new VPN connection will be established and the device will be protected again.

Dispositivo non protetto


How to protect your device from disabling the app?

The application has been designed to always stay connected to the VPN once activated. When restarting / shutting down / updating the application it will automatically connect to the VPN network.
It is advisable to be aware of the App Locker usage to prevent the application from being uninstalled, thus the only way to disable the connection is to enter the PIN inside the application.