How Advanced Threat Protection works

The aim of this post is to explain what advanced threat protection is, how it works and how FlashStart® represents a preferred tool in the panorama of advanced threat protection solutions and can help you towards an online safe surfing experience.

1. What is advanced threat protection?

Advanced threats are sophisticated cyberthreats that are difficult to detect using traditional safety measures. Attackers configure them so that they can evade the standard controls and infect computers with advanced malware. Since they are becoming more and more complex, companies, public administrations and organizations in general are experiencing an unprecedented need for technological tools that can help them enhance their online threat protection.

The FlashStart® threat protection module is the enhancement you are looking for in order to defend your sensitive data from malware, threats, phishing and sophisticated cyberattacks whose aim is to collect sensitive materials and either sell it or, most likely, ask for ransomware. Advanced threats are usually customised to target specific users: the attackers study the users’ surfing and downloading habits, and then set up an attack to specifically harm those users and reach their target.

Having an up-to-date internet safety technology is the best way for you to defend yourself from such attacks. Start your free trial now to understand all of the advantages you can benefit from with the FlashStart® module. Our support center is available 24/7 and will help you setting up and customizing your advanced threat security system.

FlashStart® protects your sensitive data

Sensitive data is the target of advanced threats, and nowadays sensitive data is exposed everywhere, with data holders often unaware of the number of threats they are potentially facing with each click.

That’s where the FlashStart® internet threat blocker becomes essential:

» It helps to reveal hidden threats: cyberattackers are ever more experienced and able to circumvent traditional threat protection tools, gain access to an organization’s network and remain there undetected for a long period of time, collecting sensitive data about the organization and its users.
» It identifies phishing attacks: phishing attacks are the most common type of advanced threat and enable attackers to obtain credentials and information on how to access an internal network.
» It spots compromised or infected domains by prioritising and investigating the threats that matter.

Contact us to better understand how the FlashStart® advanced threat prevention module can successfully help you be prepared to face advanced threats.

2. FlashStart®: advanced threat protection tailored to your needs

FlashStart® represents the ideal solution to achieve advanced threat security in conjunction with a great content and malware filter. The FlashStart® module can be tailored to the needs of the internet network provider and applied either as a network device or as an endpoint agent.

Want to enjoy the FlashStart® protection straight away? Request a quote and set up the threat protection equipment that you need for a safe navigation in a few, guided and easy steps.

FlashStart® network protection

Setting up FlashStart® at the network level allows MSPs, internet providers and network administrators to ensure that each user connected to the net will enjoy a safe navigation experience. Set it up and then forget about it: FlashStart® will work automatically on all sorts of devices connected to the net.

If you choose the FlashStart® Pro Plus version (our enterprise-grade solution) you can also benefit from the integration with Microsoft Active Directory and implement a more granular blocking based on AD groups and loggings. This will allow you to tailor your threat protection tool in a more detailed way, applying different layers of restrictions to different groups of users.

Start your free trial now and check out how FlashStart® can easily be set up in your system and used on any device to enhance online threat protection.

FlashStart® endpoint protection

FlashStart® blocks malwares, phishing, ransomware and many other threats through its cloud-based service. Being cloud-based means that the threat protection layer can be applied also outside the company or organization’s network: administrators need only to download and install the ClientShield app on any device they wish to protect in order to grant advanced threat security at the endpoint, wherever it may be.

Do your users tend to disable security systems because they feel they slow them down with continuous requests for updates? FlashStart® is cloud-based, meaning all the updates are received at the cloud level and then applied automatically at the endpoint with no need for lengthy system reboots. Moreover, protection disabling is enforced through a security PIN, available only to network admins.

Also, we guarantee almost zero latency, meaning users will be able to surf the internet in protected mode without experiencing any significant delays in the connection. FlashStart® relies its Protection subsystem just on the DNS resolution, available on any device.

Would you like to know more about our cloud services? Check out this page with detailed information on cloud-based online threat protection.

3. FlashStart® web threat blocker: be first, be smarter

There are two ways to beat cyber threats: getting there first and being smarter. Building on these principles, the FlashStart® module monitors continuously all the websites that users want to access. Then, according to algorithms that are constantly updated to mirror the latest developments in the industry, it categorises them into allow and deny lists.

This mechanism makes FlashStart® not just a simple internet content blocker, but a proper shield against advanced threats. At FlashStart®, we are aware of how cyberattacks are evolving: as advanced threat protection solutions become smarter, so do the attacks. Hence, it is essential to understand what the attackers’ next move will be.

Start your free trial now and take advantage of all the benefits of this continuously updated web threat blocker. If you have any questions you can contact our support centre: we will answer your questions in Italian, English and Spanish.

FlashStart®’s web threat blocker

The blocking mechanism means malware can be identified at the border, during the DNS resolution phase since the tool is set up so as to be highly sensitive to this sort of content:

» It exploits machine learning, meaning that it is able to build on previous experience, on data that have already been collected and information that were analysed in the past.
» It constantly scans the internet and analyses the websites accessed by users in order to highlight new potential threats and classify them as such for the future.
» It is based on information sharing: once a threat is recognised within one network, information about it is shared with the cloud so that security measures can be updated at all endpoints and for all of FlashStart®’s clients in a very little time. This is a huge advantage of online threat protection.

You can find out more about how the FlashStart® internet content filter can be set up to obtain the online advanced threat protection you need by clicking here. (italian only)

4. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

According to IBM, in 2020 the average total cost of a data breach was of USD 3.86 million, with figures increasing to as much as USD 8.64 million for attacks carried out in the US. The healthcare sector seemed to be the one with the average highest cost.

As these data indicate, the bigger the industry is, the more remunerative the attack will be. Attackers are well aware of this and so large infrastructure systems and strategic industries are a preferred target of advanced threats. Nevertheless, attackers also know that companies in these industries are better equipped and have more financial resources to put in place advanced threat protection solutions compared to smaller businesses.

Getting the big fish might take up a lot of time and resources and results are often uncertain because of higher advanced threat prevention measures. That’s why attacks on smaller companies have become more common and all businesses and organizations should know about the preventive measures and steps they can take to decrease the likelihood that an attack will actually get through.

FlashStart® represents a solid solution for advanced threat prevention and you can get it at a relatively low fee. Get a quote for your business or organization and implement the advanced threat prevention measure that will help you save in the future: preventing is better than curing!

Analysis and reporting

Not only does FlashStart® guarantee a protected navigation experience, it also informs you about the sort of threats your network is facing. The FlashStart® web threat blocker module comes with several standard reports. Of these, two focus specifically on blocked malware: one provides the details about blocked hosts, the other about threats.

Furthermore, there is a standard report about dangerous requests transited the highlights the value of FlashStart® as an advanced threat prevention module.

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FlashStart® provides the malware blocking and inappropriate website filtering services during web surfing.

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