FlashStart protects WiFi HotSpots

Guaranteed protection on every WiFi HotSpot thanks to FlashStart cyber security

FlashStart is one of the global leaders in DNS filtering solutions, securing Enterprises, K12 Schools and Governments from Cyber threats and inappropriate web contents. FlashStart guarantees an instant protection everywhere: worldwide protection on ultra-fast anycast network, with both LAN and roaming end-point protection (ex. for remote working and distance learning).


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Nowadays, all activities require a stable Internet connection both inside and outside the home. This is why users are offered multiple WiFi HotSpot connections at work, at leisure and in their homes. Today, this has become an indispensable loyalty and marketing tool.

Few operators, however, are aware of the risks and even illegal content that can pass through their Internet connection: child pornography, dangerous, violent and often illegal sites are just some of the threats that unprotected surfing can pose.

Because of these persistent threats, it is important that every operator and every user is informed about these possible problems that can be encountered with WiFi HotSpot connections.

Security starts first and foremost with the training of the various network users, in order to provide a set of rules and standards to be followed to keep one’s network protected and to ensure secure web browsing.

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It is necessary to periodically inform the members of your organisation about the various web security procedures to follow in order to avoid compromising your own work and that of other network users. It is also important to keep your credentials private and not accessible/visible to third parties. Most cyber attacks occur as a result of human error, often due to lack of training and attention during normal work activities.

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The platform can be configured with more than 85 international blacklists, which are continually updated thanks to artificial intelligence. It offers granularity for users and groups, integration with third-party systems (API), and policies for time slots. FlashStart also offers a Cloud filter compatible with all routers, WiFi hotspots, firewalls and gateways.

Choosing the right Web Security is essential to ensure all-round security, anywhere and for any device.

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You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.