PRO Lite for ISPs

Filtering solutions for ISPs and WISPs

Security, productivity, and access to opportunities go hand-in-hand with broadband internet, and, thanks to FlashStart protection, the online approach is safe, trustworthy, and protected.

ISPs and WISPs can use it to filter out contents and protect their Clients. FlashStart Lite ISP grants the protection of public IPs, keeping them out of global blacklists, and also safeguards the final user from malware and infections, thus reducing the time needed for technical support to clients.

FlashStart Lite ISP is designed for households and SOHO clients; it offers a malware and content filter at a highly competitive price.

FlashStart Lite ISP has all the functions of Cloud PRO, helps improve the health and quality of traffic, thanks to an advanced DNS filtering system, coninuously updated through AI, which also includes government blacklists.

It optimizes band usage, owns a local cache DNS (CloudBox), keeps public IPs clean, and offers multiple profiles, allowing for differentiated policies for businesses, PAs, organizations of all sizes, schools of all kinds, and families.

Technical features of FlashStart Pro Lite for ISPs

FeaturesLITE for ISP versionPRO Plus version
   Content & Malware filter
   Geoblocking & Safe Search engine
   Traffic reporting and analysis
   On-premise local DNS cache
   Dedicated filtering profile for End-User
   Endpoint & smartphone protection (ClientShield)

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