FlashStart now protects (also) the Philippines!

Hypernet has chosen FlashStart as a web filter to be offered to its customers.

Hypernet Inc. is a whole-Filipino owned registered company at Securities and Exchange Commission under the name of Hypernet – Internet & Business Solutions, Inc. Hypernet, Inc. was established year 2010 as a wireless infrastructure provider to multi-dwelling units such as hotels and condominiums.

With over five (5) years, Hypernet, Inc. has evolve and at present one of the leading system integrator offering end-to-end solution in the areas of manage services: internet access gateway, network security, wired wireless infrastructure, video surveillance, telephone, PABX systems for hotels and high rise buildings such as condominiums and EPZA offices.

Hypernet,Inc’s managed services are seamless and scalable solutions based on actual requirements, limitations, industry, legal and corporate standards of the client. Managed internet and IPTV solutions make up sixty percent of the Hypernet,Inc business while the remaining forty is a mix of surveillance, networks solutions, products and services.

Hypernet,Inc is also engaged in the distribution of cutting edge IP and analogue equipment that gives the client best experience in terms of functionality, after sales support and value for money.
In our quest to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction, Hypernet,Inc invests heavily in people. Much effort is put forth to keep our technical management centre constantly up to date with current technologies and solutions as well as new and emerging developments in Information Technology.

Hypernet, Inc. also conduct trainings and tutorials for the brand products we carry by our in- house Certified Consultants and Engineers.We also have TechLab to continuous and going concern about our solutions we offered to our clientele.

Thanks to Hypernet, FlashStart protection also extends to Filipino users.

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