FlashStart and NTOP integration

FlashStart is the content filter certified and natively integrated by open source world’s best player Ntop.

Registering and activating FlashStart Ntop requires 10 minutes.
First of all, register a  full free trial at: http://flashstart.ntop.org

Then you can choose “passive” or “inline” mode to start filtering with Ntop:
– passive mode – start filtering as following: sudo ntopng -i eth0 –traffic-filtering flashstart:user@email.com:mypassword
inline mode – start filtering as following: sudo ntopng -i bridge:eth0,eth1 –traffic-filtering flashstart:user@email.com:mypassword

You need to replace “flashstart:user@email.com” and “mypassword” with the credential receives during FlashStart for Ntop registration process
For information and support please write an email: support@flashstart.com

(Ref: https://github.com/ntop/ntopng/blob/dev/doc/README.flashstart)


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