Block malware attacks with FlashStart!

FlashStart Cloud line is even more secure and powerful

Starting from June 2016, FlashStart Cloud becomes even more secure and powerful, thanks to its new tool for Malware, Botnet, Ramsomware and Phishing protection!
It also deploy a strong defense against “Cryptolocker” (a virus capable of encoding all of your data irreparably). This new feature doesn’t imply extra costs for FlashStart customers.


Thanks to excellent synergies, FlashStart will be your guardian against the Internet threats, and it will really bring your security experience to the next level.
Starting from August, this enhancement will be available for FlashStart Appliance as well.

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This tool efficiency is based on thousands of hosts being monitored globally with sensors that can detect malicious web traffic.
Sensors send data about detected anomalies and attacks to our headquarters, specifying a score for every anomaly. If the score is higher than the threshold, the IP address is automatically put into the system blacklist and this information is immediately spread all over FlashStart Cloud network.


Every Internet address resolving a resource stored in a compromised host will be instantly blocked and reported. After a fixed amount of time (in which the host will not be monitored, since it’s already blocked), the anomaly score will decrease, thus the host will start being monitored again.

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This new protection is activated by default in all FlashStart Cloud installations. You can check two new sections in your FlashStart Cloud management panel, in the “Report” area: “Malware: blocked threats” and “Malware: blocked infected hosts”.

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You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.