This feature allows developers to integrate FlashStart’s report generation capability directly into a third party application.

How to login
The webservice need to authenticate with a registration credential:

  • Username
  • Password
  • ApplicationID (must be “WBS” and specify connection type)

The login method, after successful authentication, will return the available sites (note: this feature is useful to support deployments with multi-site configurations).

Two possible scenarios

  • Login with DEALER credential: the web-service will return the site list of the Dealer and the site list of all end user (registered in Webfilter platform).
  • Login with END USER credential: the web-service will return only the sites of that user.
Building list parameters

  • CustomerEmail = customer email address
  • CustomerName = customer name
  • OfficeCode = site code
  • OfficeName = site name description
Now, it is possible to call “GetReport” function
Send the following parameters:

  • TokenID = returned login function string
  • TransactionID = Transactional string used for logging in webservice calls
  • UserAdmin = login email address