Anonymous surfing warning (and solution)

Sometime even August could reserve some surprises, requiring an additionalintensive work and research!
Some browser’s manufacturer, for no clear reasons at the moment, are pushing the needings of a “private and totally out of control surfing experience“.

What does it mean?
It means that – apparently for privacy reasons – the users in a network should not be restricted to access dangers, unwanted or unlegal websites.
In other words, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are offering at the moment a different way to access the internet, overriding the standard DNS protocol.
Mozilla Firefox adopted “DoH” (DNS over Https) using Cloud flare service and Opera updated its browser with an anonymous VPN system.
Both methods override the standard DNS resolution, bringing a Companies, School or Government network totally out of control.

As Paul Vixie (one of the architects and godfather of the DNS) twitted, these methods are “nothing short of a disaster” (Link to Tweet)

Filtering is not censorship! Filtering is security, protection, management and safeness for employees, students, family and companies/schools/governments.

In FlashStart our primary goal is always granting a save internet experience to our users.
FlashStart researchers have already found a solution able to prevent people from surfing anonimously and we have already updated the blacklist signature to detect and stop these kind of beahviours.
To stop anonymous and open DNS proxies it is simply needed to select – under “unwanted website” – the “DNS Proxy” category.
It will also be possible to retrieve inside usage reports how many tries have been made to those anonymizers.

For any kind of support and information, please check our support area here.

Francesco Collini (CEO and Founder)