FlashStart Cloud is a DNS-based content filter and malware mitigation platform.
It fits perfectly Tanaza specification and integrates natively in this platform.

According to its 55 blacklist categories, FlashStart is the best solution nowadays for companies, schools, overnment and wifi areas to filter and protect internet traffic.
Pedopornography, viruses, violence and cyberbullism can be strongly reduced with the adoption of FlashStart.
It also possible to protect Google, Biing and Youtube searches against unattended results, produce detailed reports, configure scheduled filtering policies and integrate geolocation to restrict surfing to specific countries

It is very simple to integrate Tanaza platform with FlashStart content filtering.
it requires 5-minutes time.

– register a full-featured 30 days trial is available here: www.flashstart.com/dem/flashstart-cloud-try-demo
– download Tanaza “user.sh” integration file here: www.flashstart.it/download/user.sh
– open “user.sh” script with a text editor and replace and with the credential received at the end of FlashStart registraion
– close the editor and upload “user.sh” script in Tanaza platform following official instructions here:
– configure Tanaza’s DNS with FlashStart resolvers:
and propagate this DNS servers to the client by Dhcp.
Now you can start surfing protected!